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About the FSU Bus Pass

Full-time registered post-secondary students at London Campuses receive a Fanshawe Bus Pass. Students at London Campuses receive London Transit Commission bus service seven days a week, all year from September 1 to August 31 (please note that some restrictions apply). The bus pass is part of the FANCard . Simply show this card when you board any LTC bus.

The Bus Pass Fee is billed as an ancillary fee and is a mandatory fee for Full-Time Post-Secondary Students attending London Campuses.

Note: ACE, Apprenticeship, Co-op, Continuing Ed., Fully-Online and Part-Time Students and Students attending a Regional Campus have not paid for the Bus Pass and therefore do not have access to ride LTC buses with their FANCard. Co-op Students are eligible to purchase an FSU Co-Op Bus Pass, see Co-Op Bus Pass below for more information.

Any Issues or Questions? Contact the FSU by phone at 519.452.4109 or through our online chat.

How to Use Your Bus Pass

Your FANCard is your Bus Pass. To use your pass, simply tap your FANCard on the on-board validator located at the front of an LTC bus. Remember to avoid damaging your FANCard, it has a chip in it.

The FSU Bus Pass is restricted to your use only — bus operators will complete random checks and request to see your FANCard after you tap to ensure it is your card.

Bus Schedules

LTC bus schedules can be found at .

Rapid Transit (BRT)

The city of London is currently constructing three Rapid Transit projects — the Downtown Loop, East London Link, and Wellington Gateway. To learn more about the projects visit .

Have feedback?

Feedback is welcomed through the LTC Customer Service Support line at 519.451.1347 or visit .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my FANCard on the LTC?

Simply tap your FANCard on the on-board validator located at the front of the bus.

What do I do if my FSU Bus Pass is not working?

I lost my FANCard. Can I replace it?

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I am on a break from September to January. Do I get an FSU Bus Pass?

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What happens to my FSU Bus Pass once I graduate?

If I don't use my FSU Bus Pass every day will it reserve unused days/rides?

Is there a yearly limit for how many times I can use my FSU Bus Pass?

How much does an FSU Bus Pass cost?

Why has the FSU Bus Pass fee increased?

How much does an FSU Bus Pass cost if I am a Part-Time Student next year?

Can I use my Bus Pass in a different city?

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