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Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

View FSU's Strategic Direction below or download a PDF version .

LAST AMENDED: SAC – 06/2024 (Board)

NEXT REVIEW: 06/2024

Mission Statement

“The FSU is an organization committed to excellence in service and student support within the diverse student community of Fanshawe College.”

Objectives & Outcomes


  • Ensure and maintain new and ongoing student services
  • Review and revise policies, and set dates for future policy review
  • Improve and sustain mental health initiatives
  • Ensure responsible inclusivity of diverse student groups on campus
  • Presence and participation on college-wide committees and councils


  • Develop a partnership with Western University (USC) to collaborate on municipal issues affecting local students; develop partnerships with regional campuses and other student associations
  • Communicate and collaborate with residence advisors and staff on a regular basis
  • Improve student engagement in all FSU events and activities
  • Provide team and organizational motivation, as well as professional development opportunities


  • Increase communication with students from both FSU student leaders and staff
  • Develop innovative marketing and promotion techniques and best practices
  • Increase student presence on social media content


  • Encourage FSU student leaders and staff to get involved in activities and events
  • Fundraise and raise awareness for local charities
  • Advocate for more on-campus employment opportunities for students
  • Provide membership with inclusive and responsible entertainment

Role of the Student Administrative Council

The Student Administrative Council (SAC) will review this document during training to ensure all goals and objectives fit within the direction of the FSU. SAC will approve this document annually, with changes made each year to reflect the current realities of the organization and the needs of its membership. SAC will evaluate its success in furthering these directions at the end of the year, prior to the adoption of the new strategic direction.

Role of Staff

Staff will be presented with the strategic direction of the FSU prior to September 1st of the current year. Staff will act as support for students and student leaders in achieving these objectives set forth.

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