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FSU Services

An illustation of a scale

Academic Appeals

Find information about your right to appeal.

An illustation of two donuts with human features. The text Donut Cheat is displayed

Academic Integrity

Tools to be successful as a Fanshawe College student.

The Adobe Creative Cloud logo

Adobe Creative Cloud

Access Adobe software for free!

The Fanshsawe Falcons logo, a red falcon is shown. Under it is the text, Fanshawe Falcons


Intramurals, extramurals and intercollegiate athletics.

Students walking in a hallway at Fanshawe College. Two students are standing at the counter of the Biz Booth.

Biz Booth

Get information on all student events, activities and services.

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Bursaries and Awards

How to apply for bursaries, awards and scholarships.

A London Transit Commission Bus. The bus has the text 4 via Downtown on its exterior display

Bus Pass

Information about your bus pass, bus schedules, and more.

Fanshawe's Co-Curricular Record logo, which is an R within two Cs

Co-Curricular Record

Get recognition for your participation in campus activities.

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Financial Literacy

Financial tips, resources for budgeting and more.

The stage in The Out Back Shack. The Out Back Shack's logo can be seen on the wall

Food Services

FSU's food options for students on London Campus.

A person playing pool on a red pool table

The Gamesroom

Rent one of our pool tables at low rates.

An illustration of three people, with gender symbols on their clothing

Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Support and Education

Confidential support is available.

Five student graduation photos

Grad Photos

Studio Nostalgia offers on-campus grad photos.

Illustration of a heart with a cross inside of it. Text states Health Plan. FSU and WeSpeakStudent logos are displayed.

Health Plan

Coverage information and options for the FSU Health Plan.

The front exteriors of a few houses

Housing Mediation

Communicate any off-campus housing issues before a neutral third party.

The logo for the Interrobang newspaper. text states Interrobang. Fanshawe's student voice.

Interrobang Newspaper

Your source for the latest stories making news at Fanshawe.

Leap Junction's logo

Leap Junction

Get help building your start up with coaching, funding and much more!

Five young people looking at a document

Legal Services

Free legal assistance for full-time post secondary Fanshawe students.

Illustration of three people using laptops. The LinkedIn Learning logos is shown.

LinkedIn Learning

Access LinkedIn Learning for free!

A shopping cart full of books


Browse and list items for sale, and offer or request rides with fellow students.

A person wearing headphones and a jean jacket

Mental Health and Crisis Support

Find on-campus and community mental health resources.

Three people looking at a laptop

Microsoft 365

Access Microsoft 365 software for free!

The cover of an issue of Navigator magazine. It features an illustration of an astronaut.

Navigator Magazine

Check out London's Student Lifestyle Magazine.

An illustration of two people. One is holding a pen, the other has papers in their hands.

Office of the Ombuds

Find confidential, impartial and informal support with the goal of dispute-resolution.

Three people looking down at a notebook

Peer Tutoring and Note Taking

Find or offer peer tutoring and notetaking services.

A pharmacist smiling, with arms crossed. The text University Pharmacy is displayed


An on-campus pharmacy for the Fanshawe community.

The logo for Navigator Deals

Student Deals

Exclusive offers and discounts for Fanshawe students.

An overhead shot of five people with laptops and notes on paper

Student Life Educational Fund (SLEF)

Defray the cost of educational and relevant extracurricular activities.

The logos for The Sharing Shops and the FSU are displayed. Clouds are shown in the background

The Sharing Shop

Providing students in short-term emergency need with necessities.

The exterior of the Student Wellness Centre at Fanshawe College.

Student Wellness Centre

Home to a fitness centre, squash courts, rock wall, golf simulator and more.

A red speech bubble with a white question mark inside.