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Peer Tutoring and Note Taking

Peer Tutoring

One-on-one assistance for students experiencing academic difficulties in a specific course. Students who excel in a specific course can apply to be a paid peer tutor. For more information, contact the Peer Tutor Coordinator at 519.452.4265 or

For more information visit Peer Tutoring page on the Library Learning Commons website.

Peer Note Taking

Peer Note Taking is a service that is offered to students with a disability who have “Note Taking” as an accommodation to assist in their learning. If you require assistance with note taking and are already connected with Accessibility Services , please contact your counsellor to discuss having this accommodation added to your Accommodations Form. If you have this accommodation already, you’re ready to start.

If you are a strong student with good note taking skills who is interested in helping others, please consider becoming a Peer Note Taker. If you provide class notes to a student registered with Accessibility Services, you receive a $75 gift card for Fanshawe College stores and food services for every course that you provide notes, a Letter of Acknowledgement to strengthen your resume, and an entry for your Co-Curricular record.

To sign up, go to FanshaweOnline , click on Accessibility Online Services under Resources, and select Peer Note Taking - GIVE Notes.

For more information, contact Accessibility Services at or 519.452.4282.

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