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FSU Clubs
Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together. Any full time student can start or join a club regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Each of our clubs provides insightful and a meaningful contribution to the Fanshawe College community. Find a club below, or review the documents needed to create your own!

Clubs are moving to a virtual format for the 2020-2021 academic year!
For questions and/or concerns in regards to Clubs, contact

Student Impact Gala

Club of the Year is awarded to the club who has shown enthusiasm and commitment by contributing to the College experience for Fanshawe College students. This club has brought awareness through involvement, special events and/or charitable initiatives at Fanshawe and within the community as a whole.
Complete a Club of the Year nomination form (PDF)

Starting a Club

FSU Clubs Roadmap
Interested in Starting a Club?
Be sure to review the Clubs Policy and FAQ Document prior to completing the Club Charter.

Club Charter
FSU Club Policy
Frequently Asked Questions

Current Clubs

The following Clubs have been ratified. Interested in Joining a Club? Click/Tap on each Club for more information as well as and the contact information for the Club President and Vice President.

Atmiya London Group

President: Rohit Vora
Vice-President: Tirath Patel
Goal of the Club: To motivate and make international students feel like Canada is home, provide guidance to students to become successful through fun and motivational activities.


President: Rebecca Amendola
Vice-President: Ernie Francisco
Club email:
Goal of the Club: We are Fanshawe students passionate about increasing the environmental awareness of campus staff and students while promoting environmentally sustainable practices within the College as much as possible.
Facebook group: EnviroFanshawe Club
Instagram: @EnviroFanshawe

Fanshawe Accounting Association

President: Abigail Romero Serna
Vice-President: Jonathon Miller
Goal of the Club: Create networking and learning opportunities for accounting, business and other Fanshawe Students.
Club email:
Facebook page: Fanshawe Accounting Association

Fanshawe Analytics Club

President: Joshna Joseph
Vice-President: Samrat Raj
Goal of the Club: Provide analytics students with a platform to develop their skills, gain career counselling and the opportunity to network and build a successful career in the fast-evolving and exciting world of analytics.
Club email:

Fanshawe Board Games

President: Ishan Anilkumar Arora
Vice-President: Peeyush Modi
Goal of the Club: The goal of the club is to meet new people by playing board games of different types. As we know board games are fun and very interactive to play.
Club email:

Fanshawe Chess Club

President: Oscar Hamilton
Vice-President: Ehab Rajah
Goal of the Club: To create a space to play and practice chess and chess variants.
Club email:

Fanshawe Commercial Aviation Students’ Association

President: W. John Charno
Vice-President: Andrew Langhorn
Goal of the Club: a student organization committed to providing knowledge to the student body regarding commercial aviation related professions, hosting networking opportunities with people currently working in commercial aviation related fields and promoting professionalism in the world of piloting.
Instagram: @fanshawe_casa

Fanshawe Game Development Club

President: Blair Nicholson
Vice-President: Alexander Baxter
Goal of the Club: The club aims to provide a place for people of all skills levels to learn and make video games together. The club will organize and provide resources for members to learn more about game development, regardless of skill level. More advanced members can provide support and assistance. The club enables members to learn about game development and collaborate regardless of what program at Fanshawe.
Discord Server: Fanshawe Game Dev Club
President’s Discord: moose#1024
Vice President’s Discord: Baxstar#0089

The Fashion Hub

President: Gurkaranpreet Khehra
Vice-President: Aeda Mitchell
Goal of the Club: We intend to create a space for students interested in learning and sharing their knowledge about fashion through events that promote a fun creative environment on campus that welcomes everyone regardless of their programs, while providing everyone with the opportunities for building new connections while doing some fun crafting activities together.

Fanshawe Parks

President: Aditya Thaker
Vice-President: Minati Vyas
Goal of the Club: Fanshawe Parks Clubs is an integral part of the Parks Canada Club Network. We idealize in inspiring young and elated minds to explore Ontario’s natural environment while connecting like-minded students to experience adventure in the great outdoors. Our club aims to provide members various opportunities in familiarize with Canada’s local history, topography and culture.
Club email:
Facebook group: Fanshawe Parks Club
Instagram: @Fanshawe_parks_club
Snapchat: @fparksclub
Twitter: @fparksclub

Muslim Students’ Association

President: Ryan Hamam
Vice-President: Ifrah Rashid
Goal of the Club: The Muslim Students’ Association at Fanshawe aims to provide Muslims with a voice, a place to pray, resources, and an Islamic environment that empowers students to reach their potential.
Club email:
Facebook group: Fanshawe MSA
Instagram: @msafanshawe

Power to Change

President: Mateo Guariguata Arroyo
Vice-President: Caleigh Reid
Goal of the Club: Power to Change helps students explore the relevance of Jesus for all of life. We are a group of students who love God and love others.
Club email:
Facebook page: Power to Change - Fanshawe College
Instagram: @p2cfanshawe

Respiratory Therapy Student Federation

President: Johar Singh
Vice-President: Sarah Beadle
Goal of the Club: a student-run organization that focuses on raising money for various lung and heart associations, along with promoting the field of Respiratory Therapy.
Facebook page: Respiratory Therapy Student Federation - Fanshawe College
Instagram: @fanshawertsf

Spectrum Fanshawe

President: Nicholas Veal
Vice-President: Steven Depoorter
Goal of the Club: To show Fanshawe supports the LGBTQ* community, it’s for allies and students to come together in one space that has inclusivity and a safe space for those students.
Club email:
Facebook group: Spectrum Fanshawe 2020 - 2021
Instagram: @spectrumfanshawe
Spectrum’s Discord server: Spectrum Fanshawe

Pending Clubs

‘Pending’ means that the Club is waiting to be fully approved. You can join a Pending Club, however, at this time they are not fully ratified. When the Club becomes ratified it will move up into ‘Current Clubs‘.

There are no pending clubs at this time.

Ratified Clubs - Resources

Club Event Application
Funding Reimbursement Form
Semester Activity Report
Semester Financial Report
Donation Request Form
Club Deposit Form
Locker Space Application Form

Clubs Day Recordings

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