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FSU Clubs Roadmap
Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together. Any full time student can start or join a club regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Each of our clubs provides insightful and a meaningful contribution to the Fanshawe College community. Find a club below, or review the documents needed to create your own!

For questions and/or concerns in regards to Clubs, contact

Starting a Club

Interested in Starting a Club?
Be sure to review the Clubs Policy and FAQ Document prior to completing the Club Charter.
The Club Charter button opens a page in a new tab. The club policy opens a PDF file in a new tab.

Club Charter
FSU Club Policy
Frequently Asked Questions

Current Clubs

The following Clubs have been ratified. Interested in Joining a Club? Click/Tap on each Club for more information as well as and the contact information for the Club President and Vice President.

Art of Musician

President: Shivansh Suthar
Vice-President: Andrés Felipe Vega Martínez
Goal of the Club: The primary purpose of the club is to make a group of people or add a group of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and countries who play various musical instruments or vocalists. This club will conduct the jamming sessions and auditions, prepare the band and song for any Fanshawe College event, and represent the college at different places. The club will also conduct various music festivals and performances at the college lounges.
Club email address:

ASCM Fanshawe Student Chapter

President: Christopher Alexander
Vice-President: Kien Thanh Ly
Goal of the Club: To provide networking and learning opportunities for Supply Chain and Operations students.

Code Club

President: Taimoor Mujahid
Vice-President: Jai Nijhawan
Goal of the Club: Code Club will be a platform designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge among students with a passion for coding. The primary objective of the club is to create an environment where individuals with an interest in programming can come together to share their experiences, discuss their mutual interests, and enhance their skills. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we aim to encourage learning, skill development and exploration in the vast field of programming and coding.
Club email address:

Digital Artx Club

President: Briana Brissett
Vice-President: Mathew Piper
Goal of the Club: To provide all Fanshawe students with the space to learn and be inspired by all aspects of Digital Art. This Club will be run by two recent Graphic Design graduates of Fanshawe College, who wish to share their skills and passion in their field. All skill levels will always be welcomed and strongly encouraged.

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Fanshawe Anime Club

President: Samanta Thirakul
Vice-President: Amit Gill
Goal of the Club: Fanshawe's Anime Club is a great place for all fans of anime, manga, and comics, where we come together to celebrate and explore the captivating world of these amazing forms of media and pop culture! We welcome new fans who are curious, and old fans who want to revisit their appreciation for anime, manga and comics! Our club is all about fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can share their passion for all of these. Come join us to make new friends, and have a great time indulging in unique and engaging discussions, watch parties and more. The club is a great place as being the first step for students to connect and network together with like-minded individuals. We work together to create & provide fun activities and events, while promoting the longevity of the club as being a part of Fanshawe's diverse selection of student life.

Fanshawe Dance Club

President: Parekh Milind Prakash
Vice-President: Riya Behl
Goal of the Club: We intend to bring together people who love dancing and even those who want to learn how to dance.

Dancing is not only an art, but also a form of exercise and expression. We want our members to feel free while they dance and showcase their own style, while also adapting different styles of dance.

We aim to also promote different styles and forms of traditional or folk dancing and hence be inclusive of the diverse communities and cultures at Fanshawe.

Our motto is:
F- Feel free
D- Dance to express
C- Create your style
Club email address:

Fanshawe Student-Parent League

President: Mark Jason Wabe
Vice-President: Apple Kay De Mesa
Goal of the Club: The goal of the club is to provide support for students who are also parents.

Power to Change

President: Caleigh Reid
Vice-President: Mac Galajda
Goal of the Club: Students loving others and loving God. Exploring the relevance of Jesus in our lives.
Club email address:

Spectrum 2.0

President: Joshua Fancsali
Vice-President: Beth Mote
Goal of the Club: The goal of the club will be promoting pride and the 2SLGBTQ community. Making sure peoples voices are heard and that everyone feels safe and welcome here at Fanshawe and in the world that is around us. We as a whole want to make sure people here at Fanshawe are safe and loved for who they are we don't want people to feel left out or feel like they are alone in this world. We have the chance to protect and make these students staff and others feel welcomed and loved and that's the goal for the spectrum club. We strive to make a welcoming and loved space for anyone who wishes to join or even sit in on a club meeting we are here to support everyone and everything no matter what or who you are.
Club email address:

Tabletop Gamers Guild

President: Kelten Forgie
Vice-President: Matthew Dely
Goal of the Club: The goal of the Tabletop Gamers Guild, it’s to bring together like-minded individuals who enjoy the enthusiastic gameplay of tabletop games and trading card games such as Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40k, Call of Cthulhu, and many more. The creation of this club will also allow individuals who are unfamiliar with games such as the ones listed above to have a chance to learn them and meet others with similar interests. The Tabletop Gamers Guild will also be a great opening point for many new students to Fanshawe and can be an enticing factor to come to the school. Seeing and interacting with other nerdy individuals will help many people, who are new to the school and who are looking to make friends that enjoy the same things. Consistently hosting a variety of events will be a major goal for this club as producing as many forms of nerdy interaction will be critical for the growth of the club and in turn the growth of playable events.
Club email address:

Pending Clubs

‘Pending’ means that the Club is waiting to be fully approved. You can join a Pending Club, however, at this time they are not fully ratified. When the Club becomes ratified it will move up into ‘Current Clubs‘.

There are no pending clubs at this time.

Ratified Clubs - Resources

Club Event Application
Funding Reimbursement Form
Semester Activity Report
Semester Financial Report
Donation Request Form
Locker Space Application Form

Clubs Day Recordings

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