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FSU Clubs Roadmap
Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together. Any full time student can start or join a club regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Each of our clubs provides insightful and a meaningful contribution to the Fanshawe College community. Find a club below, or review the documents needed to create your own!

For questions and/or concerns in regards to Clubs, contact

Starting a Club

Interested in Starting a Club?
Be sure to review the Clubs Policy and FAQ Document prior to completing the Club Charter.

Club Charter
FSU Club Policy
Frequently Asked Questions

Current Clubs

The following Clubs have been ratified. Interested in Joining a Club? Click/Tap on each Club for more information as well as and the contact information for the Club President and Vice President.

Anime Club

President: Sam Thirakul
Vice-President: Arya Nair
Goal of the Club: This club was founded with the goal of uniting all Anime, Manga, Marvel, DC, and comic book lovers in a friendly and welcoming environment so they can all share their love and enjoy these things with everyone else. We can provide them opportunities to interact with new individuals and support them to become familiar with Fanshawe while also making them feel at home.
Instagram: @fsu_anime_club

Arab Student Association

President: Sara Al-sammarraie
Vice-President: Balqees Albarhoush
Goal of the Club: The club aims to gather the Arab community to share our interests. Since the Arab community is diverse, we would like to get to know each other and learn about each other’s cultures and traditions, and also, we would like to share it with the non-Arab community. For example, there would be fun events mainly about Arabs, such as their food, traditional clothing, different dialects, and many more. We also would like to make special events for girls only and other events for guys only to add a more fun environment.
Club email:

ASCM Fanshawe Student Chapter

President: Nikhil Naik
Vice-President: Namrata
Goal of the Club: To help students learn more about supply chain and operations management and provide networking opportunities.

Atmiya London Group

President: Parthkumar D Ahir
Vice-President: Virat Italiya
Goal of the Club: To motivate and make international students feel like Canada is home, provide guidance to students to become successful through fun and motivational activities.

Chess Club

President: Jephin Joseph
Vice-President: Vinamra Arvindkumar Saxena
Goal of the Club: The purpose of the Fanshawe Chess Club is to challenge and learn from one another, thus fostering the collegiate community while having fun, and connecting with new people. Fanshawe Chess Club will also take the initiative to organize competitive playing of chess and provide for participation in chess competitions. We aim to cultivate a love and appreciation of chess in our members.
Club email:

CLFSC: Color Latino Fanshawe Students Club

President: Luz Mireya Suarez Castañeda
Vice-President: Andrea Alexandra Lavalle Hernández
Goal of the Club: The Color Latino Fanshawe Students Club (C.L.F.S.C.) is to connect and supports the arriving Latin Community of Fanshawe college through sharing experiences, helping with language barriers, promoting a support network, promoting events, welcoming and making them feel at home. Also, students can express their common cultural, and social interests while making connections with people with common challenges and finding out how unique we are as a community, which will help us come together.
Club email:

Christian Bible Study

President: Janefrances Amara Nwokoro
Vice-President: Vimbayi Munangagwa
Goal of the Club: The Bible study club is a place where we can come together, read the Word of God, share our interpretations, and pray for each other. We will be supporting one another to live a Christlike and Godly life. The topics are usually given by the group leader but there is also a week where we choose the topic that interests us. The members of the group share their interpretations, how it affects them as Christians and they share how they can live a Christlike and Godly life. The Bible study club is a way for people to connect with each other and grow spiritually. The club provides a safe environment where members can be transparent about their struggles and find support through the strength of others. Through prayer, members are able to find peace in their hearts and minds as they grow closer to God. Prayer is an essential part of every Christian’s life, so it makes sense that it would be included in this group. Prayers cover many subjects, such as asking for guidance on tough decisions or thanking God for blessings he has given them.

Computer Club

President: Kuzivakwashe Ajida
Vice-President: Johnathan Bacci
Goal of the Club: The technology revolution has brought us to a point where the possibilities are endless, and it’s time to dive headfirst into the exciting world of computer science. Our club is dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge of technology, from the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to the intricacies of coding and programming. Our members will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions and collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether you’re a seasoned tech veteran or a complete newcomer, there’s a place for you in our club. Join us and be a part of shaping the future.
Club email:


President: Kaite Pitcher
Vice-President: Rigel Bissoondial
Goal of the Club: We are Fanshawe students passionate about increasing the environmental awareness and education of campus staff and students while promoting environmentally sustainable practices within the College as much as possible.
Club email:
Facebook group: EnviroFanshawe Club
Instagram: @envirofanshawe

Fanshawe Accounting Association

President: Abbygail Acham
Vice-President: Cole Viktil
Goal of the Club: Create networking and learning opportunities for accounting, business and other Fanshawe Students.
Club email:
Facebook page: Fanshawe Accounting Association

Fanshawe Analytics

President: Shobana Raghu
Vice-President: Ramandeep Singh
Goal of the Club: To guide the Fanshawe College Business Analysis students towards their career growth and to build a community to support the club’s activities
Club email:

Fanshawe Commercial Aviation Students’ Association

President: W. John Charno
Vice-President: Andrew Langhorn
Goal of the Club: a student organization committed to providing knowledge to the student body regarding commercial aviation related professions, hosting networking opportunities with people currently working in commercial aviation related fields and promoting professionalism in the world of piloting.
Instagram: @fanshawe_casa

Fanshawe Dance Club

President: Jhanvi Pandya
Vice-President: Shraddha Dalwadi
Goal of the Club: FDC brings together people who love dancing and even those who want to learn how to dance. All styles and forms of dancing are welcome! Dancing is not only an art but also a form of exercise and expression. We want our members to feel free while they dance and showcase their own style while also learn different types of dances and have fun together in the club activities!
Club email:

Fanshawe Marketing Association (FMA)

President: Loreen Sawatzky
Vice-President: Nathan French
Goal of the Club: The Fanshawe Marketing Student Association (FMA) aims to: A student-run organization that bridges the college marketing student experience to the professional field of marketing. Support students’ professional development and help them cultivate strong networks. Provide networking, social, and academic events to provide students with an opportunity to connect with fellow students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals. Give students a recognizable platform through which they may express their needs and their opinions.

Fanshawe Music Club

President: Arnav Pattanayak
Vice-President: Shashwat Malla
Goal of the Club: A club founded with the goal of uniting music lovers from all different genres, skill sets, and interests and deepen our mutual understanding of music. We will use club space as a place to discuss interests, network with other musicians, work together on music related projects, or form bands. We will promote music related events happening at Fanshawe.
Club email:

Fanshawe Muslim Students’ Association

President: Shadia Slika
Vice-President: Muhammed Muhyidheen
Goal of the Club: The Muslim Students’ Association at Fanshawe aims to provide Muslims with a voice, a place to pray, resources, and an Islamic environment that empowers students to reach their potential.
Club email:
Facebook page: Fanshawe MSA
Instagram: @msafanshawe

Fanshawe Table Top Role players

President: Amilio Sauro
Vice-President: Alyssa Glousher
Goal of the Club: The goal of this club is to revitalize the efforts of the pre-coved club that went by ‘Fanshawe Table Top Roleplayers’ and to give students at Fanshawe a place to explore certain games and activities with like-minded individuals who may not know where else to look. With the limited number of members, the club has at the moment, it is more of a recreational endeavour, but we look to expand into charity events and live shows in the future.

Fanshawe Tamil Community Club

President: Devi Iswarya Prabakaran
Vice-President: Reiffel Regoldwin>
Goal of the Club: To help Tamil students in Fanshawe college to adapt in the new environment and have a space to express their feelings and help them reach their goals.
Club email:

The Fashion Hub

President: Gurkaranpreet Khehra
Vice-President: Shranya Sidana
Goal of the Club: We intend to create a space for students interested in learning and sharing their knowledge about fashion through events that promote a fun creative environment on campus that welcomes everyone regardless of their programs, while providing everyone with the opportunities for building new connections while doing some fun crafting activities together.
Club email:

Helping Hands Club

President: Juliet Ifeoma Ijere
Vice-President: Oluwakemi Tayo Odewumi
Goal of the Club: To assist with sharing experiences of moving and settling in a new country by current students. To assist students who are new comers with information about navigating life in London. To assist new comers with helpful advice about juggling studies, career and family life.

Indian Cultural Club

President: Kavya Hirav Dave
Vice-President: Charanjeet Singh
Goal of the Club: To make international students from India feel more homely while on campus.
Club email:

Photography Club

President: Jasmine Gervais
Vice-President: Matthew Campbell
Goal of the Club: My goal is to provide a place of support and inspiration that encourages growth! I am passionate about all kinds of photography but I don’t know many people with the same interest, and I’m sure there’s many around like me. I want a place where we all have a level of enthusiasm for the art of photo taking. The overarching goal of this club is for the members to create a photo project over the course of the school year. A photo project is a series of photos that tell a story unique to each member. (Participation is not mandatory it’s just a motivational goal to get out and take pictures)
Club email:

Power to Change

President: Caleigh Reid
Vice-President: Heather Klaver
Goal of the Club: Power to Change helps students explore the relevance of Jesus for all of life. We are a group of students who love God and love others.
Club email:
Facebook page: Power to Change - Fanshawe College
Instagram: @p2cfanshawe

Respiratory Therapy Student Federation

President: Sarah Beadle
Vice-President: Lily Sun
Goal of the Club: A student-run organization that fundraises for various lung and heart associations, while creating a positive learning environment to promote the Respiratory Therapy field.
Facebook group: Respiratory Therapy Student Federation-Fanshawe College
Instagram: @fanshawertsf

SKAF(South Korea Association of Fanshawe)

President: Hye Joon Seo
Vice-President: Sungyun Na
Goal of the Club: The first goal of the club is to share and help how to adapt in the environment at Fanshawe as students whoever needs help in Korean. 2. The second goal is to exchange between Korean culture and other cultures so that Koreans can have chances to introduce Korean cultures as well as embrace others.

Social 8 Ball Club

President: Wycliffe Alcantara
Vice-President: Kurukulasruiya Mark Dilantha Hastings Peries
Goal of the Club: The intention of this club is to learn, improve and challenge people with similar interests while also having fun and making new connections and creating a great community in the college. The club will also organize friendly club competitions within the group and social gatherings to strengthen social connections and the community.

Social Terrace

President: Fuzail Khan
Vice-President: Mohammad Aarif Chauhan
Goal of the Club: The sole purpose of the Social terrace club is to congregate students belonging to different communities and groups together by conducting regular fun activities such as members’ hobbies, indoor & outdoor games, and social day-outs. The club offers opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and build networks. Club organizes events and gatherings that aid you to develop new skills. interests, and provide support and encouragement. Furthermore, the club also paves the way to get involved in local community service and make a difference in the society we live in.
Club email:
Instagram: @social_terrace

Spectrum 2.0

President: Mohamed Ahmed Shariff
Vice-President: Puji Avuthu
Goal of the Club: To provide an inclusive and safe space for 2SLGBTQAI+ students -- allies (students) are welcome too -- and conduct activities that are enriching and educational.

Turkish Culture Club

President: Aysegul Bukulmez
Vice-President: Berfin Kaya
Goal of the Club: We aim to bring together students who want to get to know Turkish culture and students who already know this culture and to promote this culture in the best possible way by organizing events on special days.

Pending Clubs

‘Pending’ means that the Club is waiting to be fully approved. You can join a Pending Club, however, at this time they are not fully ratified. When the Club becomes ratified it will move up into ‘Current Clubs‘.

There are no pending clubs at this time.

Ratified Clubs - Resources

Club Event Application
Funding Reimbursement Form
Semester Activity Report
Semester Financial Report
Donation Request Form
Club Deposit Form
Locker Space Application Form

Clubs Day Recordings

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