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FSU Clubs
Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together. Any full time student can start or join a club regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Each of our clubs provides insightful and a meaningful contribution to the Fanshawe College community. Find a club below, or review the documents needed to create your own!

Contact FSU Advocacy and Communications Coordinator Chelsea Bancroft if you have any questions:
FSU Office - SC 1000
519.452.4109 ext. 6341

Starting a Club

In order to start a club, you must first print off, fill out and return the Club Charter and FSU Clubs Policy documents linked below to the FSU Office, located in SC 1000 within the Student Centre.

Club Charter
Club Deposit Form
Club Event Application
Monthly Financial Report
FSU Club Policy
Donation Request Form
Funding Reimbursement Form
Locker Space Application
Monthly Activity Report
Frequently Asked Questions

Current Clubs

The following charters have been ratified. Click/tap the names of each club to learn about them and to find contact information for the club’s President and Vice-President.

Adonai Club

President: Jintaik Baik
Vice-President: Gwangmyeong Han
Goal of the Club: Reading the bible and watching youtube videos related to the bible.

Anime Club

President: Roseen Yousif
Vice-President: Nikita
Goal of the Club: A social group to interact and get to know others through common interests through going to evets, club meetings and having group discussions.
Facebook group: Fanshawe Anime Club

ASCM Fanshawe Student Chapter

President: Brittany Wilson
Vice-President: Ian Bossy
Goal of the Club: To educate and provide networking opportunities to students in the field of Supply Chain and Operations Management.

Association of African Students

President: Suad Mohamed
Vice-President: Oluwatosin Ojo
Goal of the Club: Welcome new African students and other International Students to Fanshawe. To highlight the African culture at Fanshawe and connect different students from across the African continent.
Club email:
Facebook group: Fanshawe College Association Of African Students

Bachelor of Interior Design Student Association

President: Taimi Johnson
Vice-President: Sydney Woolsey
Goal of the Club: A club that supports the Fanshawe BID students by offering events and activities that foster communication and collaboration amongst the four years, to enhance the interior design program experience at Fanshawe College. The club will be able to support the 4th Interior Design exhibition which will display their hard work and be a symbol of all of their hard work through the years.

Board Game Club

President: Tom Hutchison-Hounsell
Vice-President: Joseph-David Panth
Goal of the Club: To foster connections and networking through friendly competition and co-operation by bringing people together around tabletop board games.
Club email:
Facebook group: Fanshawe Board Game Club

Bonsoir Elliott Ethical Hacker Club

President: Nurlan Apushev
Vice-President: Kokailey Djanie
Goal of the Club: Enhance knowledge of its members and improve hands-on skills.
Club email:

Community Hub Club

President: Makayla Markell
Vice-President: Cory McGrath
Goal of the Club: Provide intergenerational experiences to students at Fanshawe as well as residents of Long Term Care Homes.

Deeper Life Campus Fellowship

President: Annette H. Trotter
Vice-President: Jeremiah Adanyi
Goal of the Club: Deeper Life Campus Fellowship is a part of the Deeper Life Bible Church Ministry. Deeper Life Campus Fellowship has various locations within and outside Canada and would like to have this platform where students can express and learn more about their faith here at Fanshawe.

Entrepreneurship Club

President: Jacob Wiegersma
Vice-President: Erin Briggs
Goal of the Club: Identify students with business ideas and guide them throughout the start-up process. With help from Leap Junction, our members will gain important insights that will help them set-up and grow a business.


President: Rebecca Amendola
Vice-President: Nicole Stefan
Goal of the Club: Gathering together Fanshawe students interested in promoting environmental sustainability and awareness to volunteer for various events or activities focused toward environmental education, awareness and group teamwork.
Club email:

Fanshawe Accounting Association

President: Avriel Jackson
Vice-President: Bradley Hird
Goal of the Club: To help students who are interested in a career in accounting understand the different paths involved in getting there. We help organize opportunities for students to network with local businesses to help them when it comes to applying for jobs later.
Facebook page: Fanshawe Accounting Association- FAA

Fanshawe Aviation Association

President: Stephen Collins
Vice-President: Angel Ramirez
Goal of the Club: To support the future success of Norton Wolf School of Aviation students through the development of aviation skills, knowledge and networks.
Facebook page: Fanshawe Aviation Association

Fanshawe Caribbean Culture Club

President: Alea Richards
Vice-President: Kadisna Hanliss
Goal of the Club: Creating a Caribbean experience at Fanshawe College by integrating our various cultural treasures through exhibition and socialization.
Club email:
Instagram: @fanshawecaribbean

Fanshawe Counterstrike Club

President: Thomas Bayda-Presutto
Vice-President: Tanner Lawrence
Goal of the Club: Provide a community for all students who love Counter Strike. We provide a place for students to be a part of a friendly lo-man matches, Esports fantasy league, Esports watch parties and more.
Club email:

Fanshawe Falcons Volunteer Club

President: Denis Ishcheuko
Vice-President: Dung Kim Tran
Goal of the Club: The goal of the club is to provide people who are in need with the necessary help from students who are willing to make this world a better place. On a first priority basis, our effort is dedicated to children, elderly and disabled individuals.

Fanshawe MTG Commander Club

President: Noah Fitchett
Vice-President: Nolan Cortes
Goal of the Club: To bring together people with a love for magic the gathering and provide a safe and fun place for students to play.
Club email:
Facebook group: Fanshawe MTG Commander Club

Fanshawe Paralegal Student Association (FPSA)

President: Tessa Dean
Vice-President: Jessica Saczak
Goal of the Club: A student association to provide paralegal students social, philanthropic and networking opportunities within the Fanshawe and legal committees.
Club email:
Facebook page: Fanshawe Paralegal Student Association

Fanshawe Parks Club

President: Sabrina Gerritsen
Vice-President: Haylee Hallema
Goal of the Club: Fanshawe Parks is a part of Parks Canada Campus Club Network. We aim to inspire the exploration of Ontario’s Natural Environments, while connecting like-minded students in an effort to adventure in the great outdoors. The Fanshawe Parks Club will provide members with opportunities to gain experience in Canada’s local history, geography and culture.
Club email:

Fanshawe Precision Sports Association

President: Krzysztof Krzywinski
Vice-President: Daniel Stuckless
Goal of the Club: Provide a safe and inclusive setting for sharing interest in precision sports activities, educate and teach safety regarding use of tools for trap, skeet, IPSC, archery, etc.
Club email:

Fanshawe Rec and Leisure Club

President: Laura Rivero
Vice-President: Sammie Chereches
Goal of the Club: To have team building and socialize with other students.

Fanshawe Table Top Roleplayers

President: Alyssa Glousher
Vice-President: Samantha McGowan
Goal of the Club: To create a fun and welcoming environment for people of all experience levels to play and enjoy their favourite table top roleplaying games.
Club email:
Facebook group: Fanshawe Table Top Role-players

Fanshawe Nursing Student Voice

President: Kirsten Seaman
Vice-President: Meagan Wright
Goal of the Club: Increase representation of nursing students within the Fanshawe community and collaboration between students and faculty members. Another goal is to promote student wellness for RPN and BScN students.

Fanshawe Rotaract

President: Sina Azarnoush
Vice-President: Charvak Gumane
Goal of the Club: To provide opportunity of having fun with Community Service as well as to provide great networking opportunities.

Fanshawe Serving Canadian Blood Services

President: Laura Tangelder
Vice-President: Megan Howe
Goal of the Club: To help promote Canadian Blood Services and the importance of blood donations. As well as recruit new donors to the Fanshawe College blood clinics.

Fanshawe Songwriting Club

President: Aaron Trindorfer
Vice-President: Carly Ream-Neal
Goal of the Club: To promote song writing by encouraging group collaboration and by doing so increase our ability to succeed in our program and in future jobs in the music industry.

Film and TV

President: Yogeshwar Pratap Singh
Vice-President: Michelle Groie
Goal of the Club: To build a networking community for students pursuing a course in Filmmaking NFX, Radio and TV Journalism. Students get together to socialize and create content for their current and future projects which would help them get a job in the entertainment industry.

Human Resource Association

President: Ousha Nanick
Vice-President: Hemangi Mujumdar
Goal of the Club: Hosting HR inclusive events to enrich and create meaningful experiences.

International Student Association

President: Kosiso Simon-Ebo
Vice-President: Khadija Kachwala
Goal of the Club: Encourage cultural exchange, diversity and inclusion through club activities. Representing International Students community at the College. Building a network of International Students and Alumni that will continue to support the College.

Iron Falcons Robotics

President: Sahil Sharma
Vice-President: Benjamin Pieplow-Rohner
Goal of the Club: The Iron Falcons Robotics Club aims to put Fanshawe students on the mind maps of top employers by giving students industry relevant hands-on learning experience in both STEM and non-STEM fields. Through various projects, the club aims to improve the practical knowledge of the students with time spent brainstorming, conceptualization, designing and implementing these things into a tangible project, which students can present to employers.
Club email:
Facebook page: Iron Falcon Robotics

Minecraft Club

President: Adan De Ca Pena Aguila
Vice-President: Cassandra Knight
Goal of the Club: To enjoy, relax and play Minecraft as well as make new friends. Minecraft is a social game and has many opportunities for people to work together.

Moves & Grooves Dance Club

President: Shivam Thakur
Vice-President: Shregin Subash
Goal of the Club: Promote dance and encourage dance aspirations to give them a platform to come together and exchange, learn and grow in a healthy collaborative environment under the guidance of a professional dance instructor.
Club email:

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

President: Mustapha Boroot
Vice-President: Reeman Kasim
Goal of the Club: Provide club for Muslim students at Fanshawe to proactive their religion together and perform prayers in congregation. Also, the Club aims to educate and introduce other students about the faith.
Club email:
Facebook page: Fanshawe MSA

Nepali Club at Fanshawe College

President: Sashank Ojha
Vice-President: Sabeer Kandel
Goal of the Club: To integrate all Nepalese students studying or planning to study at Fanshawe, to share experiences, organize cultural programs including food festivals, guide newcomers and juniors.

Power To Change

President: Beth Gould
Vice-President: Heather Klaver
Goal of the Club: We help students know Jesus and experience His power to change. We believe that a relationships matter. In the context of community, students will experience the love of Jesus and are able to invite others into that experience. Whether growing deeper in their faith or exploring His gospel message for the first time, our Campus community offers students much-needed connection and a place for spiritual connection.

Respiratory Therapy Student Federation

President: Mikala Liddle
Vice-President: Lynae Cooper
Goal of the Club: Promote Campus awareness about respiratory therapy as a profession and increase networking opportunities for Fanshawe Students and respiratory therapy faculty and health care providers.
Club email:

South Korea Association of Fanshawe (SKAF)

President: Hyei-In Suh
Vice-President: Hyunhwa Jung
Goal of the Club: To share and help students to adapt in the environment at Fanshawe as students in Korean and exchange between Korean and other cultures to have a change to introduce Korean cultures as well as embrace other cultures.

Spectrum Fanshawe

President: Fraser Brown
Vice-President: Amber Cowan
Goal of the Club: Spectrum Fanshawe is an LGBTQAI* Club meant to foster a community on-campus and provide students with the opportunity to meet other members in the LGBTQAI*. In the past Spectrum has partnered with Fanshawe’s Sexual Violence Prevention Advisor and Fanshawe Student Union to help the College become a more inclusive space for students, in turn helping them succeed in academic course work and build mental health activities.
Club email:
Facebook page: Spectrum Fanshawe
Facebook group: Spectrum Fanshawe 2019-2020

Spread Dance

President: Mehak Kapoor
Vice-President: Mehak Kapoor
Goal of the Club: To spread the love for different dance styles. Learn and explore styles from worldwide cultures from the students of the College itself and to give students a platform to showcase their talents.
Club email:

VARNAAH Indian Dance Club

President: Hanna Susan Paul
Vice-President: Arya Stalu
Goal of the Club: To engage students in the collaborative process of mastering dance as a physical description.
Club email:

Vietnamese Student Association

President: Vy Hoang Tuong Nguyen
Vice-President: Ly Cao Hoang
Goal of the Club: To welcome and support new comers as well as current students in adapting with the environment by sharing out knowledge and experiences. To encourage culture exchange and diversity by holding events, such as the Lunar New Year celebration.
Club email:
Facebook page: Fanshawe Vietnamese Student Association

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