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FSU Clubs
Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together. Any full time student can start or join a club regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Each of our clubs provides insightful and a meaningful contribution to the Fanshawe College community. Find a club below, or review the documents needed to create your own!

Contact FSU Advocacy and Communications Coordinator Christine Belanger if you have any questions:
FSU Office - SC 1000
519.452.4109 ext. 6341

Starting a Club

In order to start a club, you must first print off, fill out and return the Club Charter and FSU Clubs Policy documents linked below to the FSU Office, located in SC 1000 within the Student Centre.

Club Charter
Club Deposit Form
Club Event Application
Monthly Financial Report
FSU Club Policy
Donation Request Form
Funding Reimbursement Form
Locker Space Application
Monthly Activity Report
Frequently Asked Questions

Student Impact Gala


Club of the Year is awarded to the club who has shown enthusiasm and commitment by contributing to the College experience for Fanshawe College students. This club has brought awareness through involvement, special events and/or charitable initiatives at Fanshawe and within the community as a whole.

Please submit completed nomination form to Bonnie Williams, or return to the FSU Office, SC-1000, by Monday, March 4th, 2019
Download the Club of the Year Nomination Form
The above link leads to a fillable PDF. Not all web browsers support fillable PDFs, so you may need to download it and open it with Adobe Reader.

Current Clubs

APICS Fanshawe College Student Chapter

President: Julia Gilroy
Vice-President: Heather Warren
Goal of the Club: Further education and interest in logistics, supply chain and operation management.

Atmiya London Youths

President: Brijesh Upadhyay
Vice-President: Krunal Sheth
Goal of the Club: To grow common interest within the club, through activities like drama, mime, script writing, yoga sessions, tips and tricks for better fun by keeping ancient arts alive.

BID Students Association

President: Kristen Wimperis
Vice-President: Katherine Brown
Goal of the Club: To engage and provide social + networking experiences to all 4 year.

The Bigger Picture

President: Alysha Koster
Vice-President: Jessica Lin
Goal of the Club: Community service

Caribbean African Student Association

President: Khristian M. A. Mather
Vice-President: Kristian A. Taylor
Goal of the Club: To provide both Caribbean and African students with an active voice on Campus in matters concerning Caribbean and African students. The association provides social, cultural and educational activities.
Facebook page: Fanshawe Caribbean African Student Association
Instagram: FanshaweCASA
Club email:

Community Design

President: Jamie (Peter) Hood
Vice-President: James (Liam) Tapp
Goal of the Club: To network and share knowledge on a common interest and foster professional development for students interested or enrolled in a program related to community design, community development, urbanism, architecture, and landscape architecture.
Facebook group: Community Design

Engineering Club

President: Matthew Macaskill
Vice-President: Jake Huston
Goal of the Club: To share experiences related to engineering and provide academic help to engineering students
Club email:

Entrepreneurship Club

President: Gabriel Escalante
Vice-President: Aaron Flesher
Goal of the Club: To gather individuals with ambition and passion for business. The goal is to understand how to find solutions in business, create new products and share ideas, ultimately developing skills in the world of business.


President: Rebecca Amendola
Vice-President: Nicole Stefan
Goal of the Club: To promote environment awareness across Fanshawe Campus through various programs, activities and/or events that share the same aspect of environmental sustainability.
Club email:

Fanshawe A Capella

President: Lauren Eddy
Vice-President: William Pieta
Goal of the Club: To compile the musical skills and abilities of Fanshawe studenrs, as we find them, and introduce them to a capella music, as a way of expressing their musical talents.

Fanshawe Accounting Association

President: Lindsay Vemb-Cammalleri
Vice-President: Justine Wright
Goal of the Club: To provide events and networking for students in all Accounting Programs through a variety of events.
Facebook page: Fanshawe Accounting Association - FAA

Fanshawe Anime Club

President: Roseen Yousif
Vice-President: Riley Strickland
Goal of the Club: To facilitate socialization between Fanshawe Students interest interested in anime and other things surrounding it.

Fanshawe Board Gamers

President: Jake Stan
Vice-President: Maya Fox
Goal of the Club: To play board games, which will create student team work, social networking and bring the Fanshawe student community together.

Fanshawe College Chess Club

President: Andre Nezar
Vice-President: Matthew McMillan
Goal of the Club: To enrich and grow the chess charter at the Campus. The club will serve as a centreal place for all people who enjoy chess to meet up and play.
Facebook page: Fanshawe College Chess Club 2018-2019

Fanshawe Chinese Society

President: Liu An
Vice-President: He Yanhui
Goal of the Club: Help more Chinese Students.

Fanshawe CS: Go Club

Goal of the Club: To bring students are avid players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive together through scrimmage matches within the club and discussions around the growing esport community.
Club email:

Fanshawe Cybersecurity Red Verses Blue

Goal of the Club: Organization for members of Fanshawe’s Cybersecurity Program (CYB1) to train for and participate in ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Red Verses Blue’ cybersecurity competitions, within the information security community.
Club email:

Fanshawe Dance Club

President: Oghosa Ohanmu
Vice-President: Geneva Perkin
Goal of the Club: To bring together a team of dancers to dance and perform during Fanshawe Events.
Facebook group: Fanshawe Dance Team

Fanshawe Dungeons & Dragons Club

President: Ryan Laws
Vice-President: Cameron Johnson
Goal of the Club: To bring together and organize games for hobbyists. Bringing out a creative outlet and recreational safe space for fellow students.

Fanshawe Falcons Volunteer Club

President: Abdulmoiz Lakdawala
Vice-President: Kira Overton
Goal of the Club: The goal of this club is to gather as a social group to reach out and better the community by helping with various opportunities in London and on campus.
Facebook page: Fanshawe Falcons Volunteer Club

Fanshawe Marketing Association (FMA)

President: Aziz Al Sabaa
Vice-President: Kyle Postlethwait
Goal of the Club: Help provide a space for marketing students or those interested in marketing to connect with students in different levels. Give students a chance to gain experience hosting and advertising events as well as helping other clubs gain more attention.
Club email:
Facebook page: Fanshawe Marketing Student Association(FMSA)

Fanshawe Nursing Student Voice

President: Taylee Jackson
Vice-President: Chloe Wai
Goal of the Club: Increase representation of nursing students within the Fanshawe Community and collaboration between students and faculty members. Another goal is to promote student wellness for RPN and BScN students.

Fanshawe Overwatch Club

President: Riley Wray
Vice-President: Joey Langdon
Goal of the Club: For fans of Overwatch to get together and play amongst ourselves and with/against others.

Fanshawe Paralegal Student Association

President: Emily VanEerd
Vice-President: Brianne Henderson
Goal of the Club: To enrich the learning experience of paralegal students by providing the opportunity for professional networking, professional development, and social activities while at Fanshawe.
Club email:

Fanshawe Parks Club

Goal of the Club: A network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about Canadian Culture, Adventure, and Environment. We will connect you with trips and events on and off campus as well as volunteer opportunities.
Club email:

Fanshawe Power to Change

President: Beth Gould
Vice-President: Jared Berg
Goal of the Club: to change the world by helping students discover Jesus.
Facebook group: Fanshawe Power to Change

Fanshawe Rotaract Club

President: Tetiana Hnatenko
Vice-President: Ibrahim Abdulmonem
Goal of the Club: To reach out to the community and to be a helping hand.
Facebook page: Fanshawe Rotaract

Fanshawe Student’s Indian Club

President: Amit Shukla
Vice-President: Parth Patel
Goal of the Club: To promote the Indian Culture by performing cultural events and support all the communities.

Fanshawe Table Top Role-Players

President: Jeremy Ames
Vice-President: Zen Carriere
Goal of the Club: To create a fun and welcoming environment for people interested in table top roleplaying games.

Fanshawe Vietnamese Student Association

Goal of the Club: Bring Vietnamese culture through community services and social events at Fanshawe College. We also help Vietnamese students to adapt with new culture and new environments.
Club email:
Facebook: Fanshawe Vietnamese Student Association

Filipino Student Association of Fanshawe College (FSAFC)

President: August Rowell G. Angeles
Vice-President: Stephanie Paras
Goal of the Club: Promote the welfare of Filipino students in Fanshawe College. Promote educational and social development in London, Ontario. Create camaraderie and keep us firmly connected to retain our culture and Identities in our new world.
Facebook group: Fanshawe - Filipino Students Official Group

Health and Nutrition for the Active Student Lifestyle

President: Clarissa Grgorinic
Vice-President: Leah Trineer
Goal of the Club: To provide nutrition and health information for students leading a physically active lifestyle. The club will provide a unique venue where Fanshawe students can; meet regularly to learn about various nutrition aspects and exercise regimes, exchange their personal experiences with various nutrition programs and products and exercise regimes that they are incorporating into their active lifestyle.
Facebook: Fanshawe’s Health & Nutrition for the Active Student Lifestyle

Human Resources Association

President: Jessica Deluce
Vice-President: Ardison Sukaj
Goal of the Club: Meet bi-weekly to plan career events for students in HR Program. Planning school-wide events to raise money for United Way and Anti-Human Trafficking organizations.

League of Legends Club

Goal of the Club: To create a club that allows people who play league of legends to communicate and play together, but also to create a strong E-Sports team for League of Legends to represent Fanshawe at events.
Club email:

Muslim Student Association

President: Mustapha Boroot
Vice-President: Amr Elkadri
Goal of the Club: Organize events and activities for Muslim Students at Fanshawe.
Facebook: MSA Fanshawe

Peak to Peak Club

President: Sungbin Shin
Vice-President: Curtis Johnston
Goal of the Club: To enforce the understanding of the hardware/software design and implementation, exchange experience and knowledge, Build bridges between the different levels in electrical engineering technology students and create a friendly environment. Develop a better understanding of electrical and electronic circuits analysis.
Club email:

Respiratory Therapy Student Federation

Goal of the Club: Our mandate is to increase awareness of the Respiratory Therapy profession, enhance our interprofessional working skills, and provide students an opportunity to learn and participate in their chosen profession. We will accomplish this through working with various local volunteer organizations and groups.
Club email:
Facebook page: Respiratory Therapy Program Fanshawe College

South Korea Association of Fanshawe (SKAF)

President: Mijin Youn
Vice-President: Sinja An
Goal of the Club: To share and help adapt in the environment at Fanshawe as students and exchange Korean Culture with other cultures to introduce Korean Culture as well as embrace other cultures.

Spectrum Fanshawe

Goal of the Club: Spectrum Fanshawe is a social and advocacy club from LGBTQ2S+ students and allies. Our goal is to create an inclusive space at Fanshawe for LGBTQ2S+ students, as well as to advocate for inclusion and visibility within the Fanshawe community.
Club email:

Street Dancing Club

President: Mingming Zhow
Vice-President: Jenn Romao
Goal of the Club: To share the common enthusiasm with group members towards street dance world.

Student Association of Early Leadership and Education Club

President: Subiyinuer Abulimiti
Vice-President: Jiasuer Jilili
Goal of the Club: A place for ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) students to meet up, learn, exchange ideas and explore together.

Young Greens Club

Goal of the Club: The Young Greens Club is for those interested in learning more about the Green Party of Canada, whether or not they are an active supporter. We hope to share the Green Parties values with others and discuss how they fit in with today’s society.
Club email:

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