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About Fuel Esports

Fanshawe Fuel Esports is the home for all levels of gaming at Fanshawe College. Join our community on the Fuel Discord . This is where you can get involved with extra and intramural gaming competitions, get involved with production or casting matches, discuss gaming, and/or just make some friends with similar interests! We are an all-accepting community; if you’re into gaming, competitive or otherwise, this is the place for you!



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  • Casual
  • Career Readiness
Esports Game Nights

Fuel Events

The FSU hosts Esports game nights every Monday at 7 p.m. in Alumni Lounge and are open to all Fanshawe students. Games played include Super Smash Bros, EA Sports FC and Chess.

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Fuel Game Night: Super Smash Bros.

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Fuel, EA Sports FC and FSU logos are displayed. Text states: Game Night.

Fuel Game Night: EA Sports FC 24

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FSU and FUEL logos are shown. Characters from Smash Bros. games are displayed. Text states: Super Smash Bros. Game Night.

Fuel Game Night: Super Smash Bros.

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Campus Esports Arena

Fuel Station

The Fuel Station, our campus esports arena, is located in Room J2018 at London Campus and is open for all to use! High-powered gaming PCs and console gaming are available for free.

The Fuel Station is open seven days a week, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with the exception of those times during which varsity teams are competing.

The Fuel Station is open all reading week during the hours listed above.

To check on the room’s availability and to view the games list, visit us at the Station or browse the Fuel Discord .

  • 11 Gaming Computer Stations
  • Nintendo Switch Consoles
  • Xbox Series X Consoles
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