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Fanshawe Co-Curricular Record

Fanshawe Co-Curricular Record
Fanshawe’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is as an institutionally recognized document that showcases your involvement and growth outside of the classroom. Together with your academic transcript, it provides a view of your overall experience and learning at the college.

I’m a current student, what can the CCR do for me?

  • Get recognition for your participation in campus life activities that promote personal growth
  • Reflect on, and identify key learning and skills gained through your participation
  • Prepare a personalized document of your key activities that is validated by staff and faculty members which complements your academic transcript
  • Adapt your record to specific audiences to enhance your resume, portfolio, or academic applications

I’m a new student, what can the CCR do for me?

  • Learn more about all of the out-of-classroom activities available at Fanshawe College
  • Understand how Fanshawe College can assist in your full development as a student

Why does Fanshawe College offer a Co-Curricular Record (CCR)?

Fanshawe College believes strongly in the holistic development of our students. Additionally, there is a belief that the learning and growth that happens outside of the academic setting is important. We feel that when we combine our academic programming with a rich student experience, our College graduates become those candidates that employers are seeking to hire.

What types of activities are currently available in Fanshawe CCR?

  • FSU Clubs Executive positions
  • Extramural sports
  • FSU Leadership
  • Varsity sports
  • Student Leadership Activities
Please Note: The CCR is not retroactive so you must add activities during the same academic year in which you were involved.

What factors determine the activities that qualify for CCR recognition?

Activities must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for CCR recognition:
  • The activity provides students with meaningful learning opportunities, meeting a minimum of 3 of the identified Learning Outcomes
  • The activity is co-curricular in nature and is not required for marks or academic credit
  • The activity meets a minimum of 5 hours in participation
  • The activity must be a volunteer-type opportunity (i.e., not a paid position), honorariums are an exception
  • The activity is connected to Fanshawe College and has a Faculty or Staff member able to validate your experience

How does a new activity get included in the CCR database?

If your activity meets the criteria for CCR inclusion please do one of the following:
  1. Speak with the Faculty or Staff member connected to your activity about participating in the Fanshawe CCR
  2. Contact the Campus Life Facilitator at
Please Note: Each position requires a separate application for every activity.

How does the CCR system work?

Once you’ve created your CCR login, you can do the following:
  • Search for qualifying campus activities
  • Identify the Learning Outcomes you will achieve with each activity
  • Sign up and participate in activities of interest, meeting a minimum of 5 hours for each activity
  • Reflect on your experience and identify the outcomes that you’ve personally achieved
  • Print your record to create a portfolio of experiences
  • Discuss your record with Career Services staff in various workshops
  • Along with your resume, bring your record with you to job interviews and career fairs

What are Learning Outcomes?

Learning Outcomes will appear on the printed version of your individual CCR, and are identified by you. Learning Outcomes show meaningful learning as a result of your involvement, by reflecting on your experiences.

Does the CCR have any key dates or deadlines?

All activities that you’ve participated in should be added by March 31 of the same academic year. Validators are responsible for approving or declining all pending requests by April 30 of the same academic year.

Reminder: The CCR is not retroactive so you must add activities during the same academic year in which you were involved.

How do I create a CCR?

Visit the page How to create and use a CCR [opens external website in a new tab] and follow the instructions provided. Your CCR can be created online using the Fanshawe Co-Curricular Record (CCR) portal. All you need is your Fanshawe Online (FOL) login credentials and you’re all set.

I’ve got more questions about the CCR. Who can I talk to?

Please contact with your questions or concerns.
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