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FSU Bike Share Program

About our Bike Share Program

FSU's Bike Share Program is currently closed and will reopen in Spring 2024.

The FSU offers a bike sharing program to Fanshawe College students. Students can borrow a bike for up to three days by filling out our reservation form and picking one up from the Biz Booth in the Student Union Building (SUB).

The bike program is an important initiative for Fanshawe because it focuses on getting students into the communities and exploring our city. Many students living away from home are forced to rely on the bus system and taxis, which can be both restrictive and expensive. The bike share gives students a feasible and healthy alternative that lets them explore at their own pace.

The program also encourages students to leave their cars at home. Reducing the number of single-rider vehicles will have a positive impact on the environment and the infrastructure of Fanshawe campuses.

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