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Do you need to buy or sell your own item? Fill out the form below. All submissions will be reviewed before they appear on the FSU web site which can take up to 2 business days.

This portion of the website is not for commercial use. It is intended to be used by Fanshawe College students. If your posting is believed to be done on behalf of a business, such as a store, it will not be posted on this website. Also, property rental posts will not be published.

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Please beware of individuals who ask you to send them money as part of the transaction. Money scams are unfortunately quite common and often involve the user paying for the goods with less common methods, such as an electronic cheque, then backing out and requesting funds back, only to have the original cheque bounce back. There should be no reason for you as the seller to send money to the buyer. The FSU is only offering this service as an information tool, and takes no responsibility for any exchanges between individuals either in person or via the contact information provided. Please use your own discretion.

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