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FSU Underage Access Policy

OBS Home Menu Events Underage Access Policy House Policy All full-time Fanshawe students under 19 years of age are allowed in the Out Back Shack during regular restaurant hours, but are not allowed to consume any alcohol.

Underage Fanshawe students will be admitted to some of the evening FSU licensed events. Underage students must surrender their valid student card at the entrance. Before entering our licensed premises, you will be required to put on wristbands and the back of both of your hand will be marked with a large X. Neither of these identification markers may be removed until you leave the event. There is a minimum three-month suspension of attendance to any FSU licensed activity if either item is tampered with or removed.

Underage Fanshawe students may attend licensed events, but may not handle, hold, or consume any alcoholic beverage. Upon exiting the event, it is the responsibility of the underage Fanshawe student to pick up their valid student card. If the underage Fanshawe student shows no sign of intoxication and all of their underage identification is intact, their student card will be returned.

We, the FSU, hold and operate our own liquor licence, therefore if any full-time underage Fanshawe student violates our trust by handling or consuming any amount of alcohol, they put our licence and liability at risk. There are strict and severe penalties for the handling or consumption of alcohol by any underage Fanshawe students.

FSU Underage Access Suspension Penalties

One-month suspension of privileges for failure to pick up student card as they exit the event.

Three-month suspension of privileges for removal of wristbands or markings on the hands.

Six-month suspension of privileges for handling of alcoholic beverages.

One-year suspension of privileges for consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Any repeat offences will result in an automatic one-year ban.
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