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FSU President and Coordinators

President | Finance Coordinator | Student Life Coordinator | Advocacy and Communications Coordinator

Jahmoyia Smith

Jahmoyia Smith, FSU President

Hey Fanshawe!

My name is Jahmoyia Smith and I am your Fanshawe Student Union President for the 2018/2019 academic year.

I was born and raised in Jamaica and came to Canada four years ago to attend Fanshawe.  

I chose Fanshawe College, highly influenced by the extra-curricular opportunities it had to offer and the student life. Student government has always been my passion. After my first year as a Student Administrative Council Representative, I fell in love with the organization. In my third year, I was elected the Vice President of Finance and in my final year, I held the position of Advocacy and Communications Coordinator within the Fanshawe Student Union.

My goals for this year include providing programs for students regarding mental health support, advocating for more accessible post-secondary education, improving student life and engagement on Campus, and exploring more volunteer and employment opportunities for students.

I am excited to start this journey and look forward to helping YOU take advantage of all the opportunities the FSU has to offer!

Jahmoyia Smith
519.452.4109 ext. 6314
Christine Belanger

Christine Belanger, Advocacy & Communications Coordinator

Hello Fanshawe!

My name is Christine Belanger and I am your new Advocacy and Communications Coordinator! I am currently in my third year of the Bachelor of Interior Design Program here at Fanshawe College.

tudent leadership is important to me and I wish to enhance the lives of Fanshawe College students by, bringing awareness to students about different opportunities at the Fanshawe Student Union, as well as engage all of you to participate in bettering your experiences here at Fanshawe.

I describe myself as a determined, resilient and driven individual who cares about the Fanshawe students and community. My goal is to make every student love their experience at Fanshawe!

I look forward to meeting you, whether at events or in the halls, feel free to say hello and let me know what we at the FSU can do to make your experience here at Fanshawe memorable!

Christine Belanger
519.452.4109 ext. 6341
Anthony Stergiu

Anthony Stergiu, Finance Coordinator

Hello Fanshawe!

My name is Anthony Stergiu and I am very excited to serve as your Finance Coordinator at the FSU for 2018/2019. I am currently studying Finance here at Fanshawe College and would love to provide knowledge, opportunities, and assistance to any and all students who wish to properly measure and budget their finances.

These years at College are the foundation for the rest of your life, and together by utilizing the services and opportunities provided by Fanshawe College, we can ensure that you will be in good standing both academically and financially by the end of these golden years. We are not here for handouts, but to learn the skills required to pave the path we wish to walk.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Please visit me at the FSU for more information on Fanshawe’s financial services and opportunities.

Anthony Stergiu
519.452.4109 ext. 6303
Andrew Waterworth

Andrew Waterworth, Student Life Coordinator

Hello Fanshawe!

I’m Andrew Waterworth and I will be your Student Life Coordinator for 2018/2019. Having completed my second year of Music Industry Arts, while also working with the FSU Entertainment Crew, and heading into the Audio Post Production Program, I feel confident that I have the drive and experience to make these some of the best years yet!

Putting on quality events is a major part of the overall student experience, utilizing them to meet new people and to add some fun to the already challenging College life. At the FSU we offer a wide range of events to help the student body have the best experience they can, so definitely try to be as involved as you can and meet some of the awesome people that come to this school!

Our goal is to cater to you, so we would love to hear from all of you about our events and what we can do to better the Student Experience.

Andrew Waterworth
519.452.4109 ext. 6305
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