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The FSU needs your help to support food security across its campuses.

From March 4 to March 6,The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will be holding a referendum, asking student members to vote on whether or not they want to implement a $2.00 per semester ancillary fee increase. Fanshawe College has also agreed to match these funds should the referendum pass.

With this additional funding, the FSU aims to promote food security for its student members by improving existing food programs across all campuses, ensuring the sustainability of the student union’s food bank, and increasing healthy affordable food options at the FSU’s campus eateries.

By voting in the referendum, students can also enter into a draw with $3,500 in prizes available to be won.

Over the years, the FSU has committed itself to supporting students in need through The Sharing Shop and continued efforts to support healthy, affordable eating on campus. But we recognize that times are hard, and as more and more students struggle to put food on their tables, demand for our services has only grown. In order to keep up, we need your help.

Prize Draw

Those student members who cast either a Yes or No vote on the referendum portion of their FSU Elections ballot will have the opportunity to enter a prize draw upon submission of their ballot. A random draw will take place on Thursday, March 7, 2024, and the following prizes will be awarded:

  • Grand prize: one winner will receive a $500 Amazon gift card
  • Second prize: four winners will each receive a $200 Amazon gift card
  • Third prize: ten winners will each receive a $100 Amazon gift card
  • Fourth prize: fourteen winners will each receive a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Fifth prize: twenty each winners will receive a $25 Amazon gift card

Winners may choose to substitute an Amazon gift card with their choice of any gift card that Amazon Canada makes available to be sent through email delivery. Uber, SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, Apple, InstCart and many other options are available. For a list of available gift cards, visit Amazon Canada’s Email gift cards section

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a referendum?

Where can I vote

What happens if I vote “yes”?

What happens if I vote “no”?

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